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Let's Join Hands Educate the next Girl Child

Ensuring that all girls and young women receive a quality education is a human right, a global development priority, and a strategic priority for Molokai Childrens Organisation. Education plays a critical role in breaking the cycle of poverty and violence. When girls are kept in school, they stand a better chance of growing into empowered women who transform their neighborhoods and nations. Education is one of the best ways to prevent child marriages and teenage pregnancy. For many girls in Uganda, education isn’t just important for a brighter future, it’s critical to their survival. Yet, girls often drop out of school simply because they can’t afford feminine hygiene products. Together, we can change this. On 9th July we joined our patterners Raising Teenagers Uganda on a “Hike for a Girl child” campaign on Kalungu rock in Buyende district to break the stigma around menstruation. The activity also aimed at reducing the dropout rate by providing sanitary products, teaching girls their value and igniting their passion for education. Both individuals and countries benefit from girls’ education. Better educated women tend to be more informed about nutrition and healthcare, have fewer children, marry at a later age, and their children are usually healthier, should they choose to become mothers. They are more likely to participate in the formal labor market and earn higher incomes. A recent World Bank study estimates that the “limited educational opportunities for girls, and barriers to completing 12 years of education, cost countries between US$15 trillion1 and $30 trillion in lost lifetime productivity and earnings.” All these factors combined can help lift households, communities, and countries out of poverty. A lack of education leads to vulnerability. Vulnerability leads to unwanted pregnancy, human trafficking, sexual abuse, domestic violence, HIV, early marriage and a life of no choices. When we educate girls, we educate a whole nation. Because she will teach everyone around her. The education of girls will result in a better economy and a brighter future along with enhanced confidence of the girl Household poverty is the major cause of girl child drop in primary schools at the household level. At the community level, girl drop out is largely as a result of engagement in community work while at the school level, the school costs are the leading cause of girl child drop out. Girls the world over face gender discrimination just for being born a daughter and not a son. A girl’s education is less likely to be valued, and she’s more likely to be forced into early marriage, face violence or be stolen by traffickers. Her childhood cut short her very life and future at risk. We understand the importance of education for girl children. We do whatever it takes to ensure every last child has a chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe – her best chance for a bright future. With your help, we can educate girls who may not otherwise have the chance to learn — changing the course of their lives, their children’s lives and the future of their communities. Joy for Children’s project: Delay Marriage Promote Schooling for Ugandan Girls aims to reach the most vulnerable children, those left behind by the world’s progress in child health, education and protection including girls. Too many girls, because of who they are or where they’re born, face unique challenges. Together, we will improve girl’s education. We will reach every last girl, empowering her to grow up healthy, educated and safe. Free to lead her own life, speak her mind and determine her future.

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