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Molokai Health care Project

Helping the people with Hiv/Aids, Cancer and Tuberculosis

As the number of COVID-19 cases grew in Uganda, access to timely and accurate supply chain data was critical to the country’s response. With funding from USAID, we supported these efforts by providing real-time data on the availability of medicines and medical supplies at both the national and district levels. The electronic emergency logistics management information system enables the rapid collection, sharing, management, analysis, and reporting of data to inform coordination and timely decision making during any public health emergency. These efforts helped increase access to lifesaving medical supplies such as test kits, treatments for COVID-19, and personal protective equipment to limit the spread of the virus. Since the late 2020, we have partnered with Uganda’s Ministry of Health and local leaders to enable access to health care. Our work has focused on reducing maternal mortality, fighting TB and HIV and AIDS, and improving the management of related medicines and commodities to help Ugandans access quality medicines when and where they need them.